Fall Preview & Simple Roast Chicken Recipe

We had the most amazing weekend with beautiful weather!  It was in the high 60's and low 70's on Friday and felt amazing.  We had some rain earlier in the week, which brought in a cold front with it. For July in Texas, it was a pleasant surprise and sweet Fall preview! That called for some hammock time with Lauren and Tucker outside :)

We got a new coffee table recently, and it is round.  I love that its really rustic and the round shape makes it interesting and something different for this area.  I am definitely getting the Fall itch...usually happens every July...so coffee and candles are my perfect morning routine.  I bought about 5 cinnamon roll (fitting huh?!) candles a few months ago at Kroger on sale for .15 cents each.  I've been holding out to light them, and love the way they make our house smell pumpkins and cinnamon.

This weekend, I was grocery shopping and bought a whole chicken.  It is amazing how much more cost effective it is to just roast your own chicken.  For only $6, you can make a pretty delicious dinner that is really quick and easy.  I followed Ina Garten's recipe, found here.  I think the key is basting the raw chicken in melted butter, and I also sprinkled truffle salt all over it, which was pretty amazing.

I served it with rice, broccoli and RoRo's Dinn-A-Rolls.  It was amazing and a great comfort meal on a Sunday night before a busy week.

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!  I'll be trying to blog more especially now that my favorite season is approaching!  


Sweet Summertime

Hello!  Can ya'll believe it is already SUMMER?!?  I have taken quite some time off from blogging, but that hasn't stopped me from reading my daily favorites every morning.  I just have been so busy and have not made the time, but thought I would pop in for a quick update!

Life has been great for us, the business is growing...we just launched our rolls in Whole Foods Stores in the DFW area so that has been so exciting for us!

Also - today is my hubby's 29th birthday!  The girls and I brought him some Cinn-A-Rolls and coffee in bed this morning!

Here are some of his gifts - I got him a sound bar for our living room - you can kind of see it in the background on the bottom shelf of the entertainment center - it has blue tooth so we can play music from our computers and iphones/ipads which is pretty cool...we are big music people so I think it will be nice to have in the house.

In a few weeks we will be headed to New York for a big trade show called the Fancy Food Show.  There are food companies from all over the world - it will be amazing!  I will definitely do a re-cap of how that goes - we have been working on our booth styling and finalizing everything.  I had Allison from Mary & Jack on etsy make some custom chalkboard signs and they turned out so cute!! I plan to use these a lot for shows and in store demos of our products!

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!


Happy Weekend!

Hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend!  Been working in this little shindig...

Will share more pictures next week!  You can find the tutorial for the tissue paper garland here!

Hope ya'll are enjoying lots of college football and eating some yummy food today!




We're Making Progress ~ Master Bedroom

Hey guys!  So I'm happy to say that the sleigh bed is out and we are making progress with our Master Bedroom makeover!  With our bed money, we got the Lexington Quilt from West Elm in Gray, and I am really happy with it so far.  I wanted a darker quilt to help keep our bed from showing every single dog hair or paw that jumps on the bed...our dogs are spoiled and it definitely showed with an all white bed!

I also received my late grandmother, GB's, old dresser after she passed away this Summer.  She read my blog daily back when I posted everyday :)  So, I am so happy to be able to blog about the things in our home that have come from her.  They are so special to me, and she had amazing style with the pieces she chose to decorate her home with.  She spent years going to garage sales and estate sales, and truly had some treasures.  Over the next few weeks, I'll show more of the neat furniture we brought into our home from her.

This is  the dresser, and I love the shape.  I am debating what color to paint both of our dressers...I may go with Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams...it is becoming one of my favorite paint colors to use lately in our house.  Who knows what will go above it...a mirror, a gallery wall, a pair of lamps on the dresser??  That will be after all the basics get done first!  What I do love about this is the picture on the right of my husband getting baptized when he was 20 years old.  Such a neat moment to witness, and it is a great reminder of his love for Christ and our family when I wake up every morning :)

Moving on to the other new details...I also hung three of our wedding photos on a small wall.  These frames used to be a dark silver, and I spray painted them white last weekend.  I really love how they turned out!

I also painted an antique mirror from my grandmother.  It was a weird gold before that just didn't work. Now it is a glossy white!

So here is a shot of the whole room to give you an idea of where we are at...Can't wait to make our tufted headboard!  AND - the bed desperately needs a bedskirt...so please ignore that :)

I have finally decided on this pillow combination...I want LOTs of pillows and a big fluffy bed, so I cannot wait for these!

I plan to purchase a yard of this Caitlin Wilson fabric and have my grandmother, (RoRo!) sew two 26x26 Euro size pillows for the shams.  I wanted some gold!

Followed by 2 or 3 of these 20x20 size pillows in this Emerald Green Velvet Fabric

I plan to buy a yard of this Windsor Smith for Kravet Riad fabric in Jet and have RoRo make two 18x18 pillows.

With one 14x20 pillow in this raspberry velvet fabric front and center!

What do you think??  I am super excited and can't wait to get going on these! 

I'll be posting updates as we knock some things off our list in this room!


Our Bedroom ~ The Plan

Hello everyone!  I feel like life has been crazy busy lately...all good stuff...but I am just worn out!  Hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend.  Ours was filled with rest, cooking, football, and painting!

We bought our house a little over a year ago, and have loved making it our own.  That process is fun, but can be super overwhelming at the same time.  Two rooms that have been completely neglected have been our bedroom, and the 3rd bedroom.  It currently only serves the function of being Tucker's room, where we keep her crate....and an overflow storage room of stuff that I need to sort through and put somewhere else.  

This week, I just had enough of our sad, mis-matched, bedroom.  I am craving it to be a space of peace and calmness...and just for it to feel finished.  So, to start that process, we sold our old sleigh bed.  It was just too dark and I was craving something light and luxurious feeling.  

I am planning to make a tall dramatic tufted headboard in it's place and re-cover a settee I bought off craigslist a few years ago to put at the end.  Here is my inspiration photo for the whole transformation...I hope my headboard turns out like this one!

Here is what we are working with now (sans the sleigh bed)


The To Do List:

Paint nightstands white
Paint both dressers (possibly Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze with Gold/Brass hardware)
Make Tufted headboard
Purchase all new bedding 
Hang Curtains
New Lamp Shades/Lamps?
Recover Settee Bench

Now this all will not be done overnight...but hopefully over the course of the Fall we will make some good progress.

I really love a big fluffy bed with lots of pillows!  I have been looking at pillows online today, and really am loving this combo...

Emerald green velvet pillows to add some drama.  It is the pantone color of the year you know :)

Love this black and white Windsor Smith for Kravet Riad print to go in front of the green.

I would love to add a smaller lumbar pillow in front to finish it off...these are my top favorites:

It will take some convincing of my husband to go with the leopard...he already said "No way!" haha...so we will see!  I am determined to add some leopard pillows in our house somewhere :)

As far as the duvet/bed linen.  We have a white duvet, but are needing a dark, durable gray quilt to help with hiding the constant dog hair and/or the occasional muddy paw that always seems to be on our bed...

Can't wait to get this going...I'm hoping we are able to start on the headboard this week!  Excited!


Coffee Break!

I don't know about ya'll, but I look forward to my morning coffee time so much.  That has quickly become my most favorite time of day on the mornings that I am able to work from home.  It is just the best.  I love sitting on the couch, drinking coffee, and catching up on my favorite blogs & Pinterest.

I have to admit though, until recently, I have been a plain old Folger's girl.  I typically buy the Classic Roast that is already ground.  Now, although I really do like this coffee, I didn't realize how much I was missing out on freshly ground whole bean coffee.  Especially local, small batch coffees.  Two brands in the Dallas area that I have grown to love are Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters & Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters.  Both buy fair trade sourced beans and roast them to perfection.  

Right now, we are drinking Noble Coyote's rise n' grind blend, and we love it.

Since we didn't have a coffee maker that grinds the beans for you, I had to purchase a coffee grinder.  I ended up going with the Krups brand and love it.  It is a great buy for the price too! 

It is very easy to use, and ground them in about 5 seconds.  

I like to store our coffee in this great vintage Community Coffee tin I got from my grandmother.  

I even made a little coffee station last weekend to house all of our coffee necessities.  This has turned into one of may favorite parts of our kitchen!  Yes, that is a Fall candle you see.  Could not stop myself!

And who can resist drinking out of a cute RoRo's mug?!?  Not me!  

Yum...the perfect combo!

Just for fun, I put together a few cute coffee accessories!

Coffee Love

Hope ya'll have a rest-filled weekend, with lots of great coffee and good times!